How to rise a good child?


A question that pinches in every parent’s heart. Being parents we have a lot of expectations from our kids. Parents want to see them happy, fulfilled, contented and peaceful persons. We want them to dream high and then work hard to achieve their goals. We want them to shine like a star and get successes in every field of life but at the same time we want them growing up as a respectable human beings with The Best moral values.

Now we are living in the chaotic times, where family ties are disintegrating fast. Our children are our asset and we need to protect them from the clutches of this venomous society. We want them to excel in life with peaceful mind and strong personality. Children with contented soul and amazing achievements are our goal. These days the best reward would be a successful child but the million dollar question is how to raise a good child?

A mother’s lap is child’s first place of learning. So for raising a good child, the way we do parenting is really important.

What need to do?

We need to be our best because we are the role models for our kids. It has been observed that children are more into what their parents do rather than what others parents say. Our success in our professional lives will not be much delightful for us if we don’t have fine kids. Shouldn’t teach them how to behave, we should show them. In real life little things matters, so for good parenting we should set rules and laws for ourselves first.

Teach them to love God. Love with God makes them loyal, peaceful, humble and grateful for all, they will have in their lives.

Spend time with them. Listen to them with all your heart. By playing with them and taking friendly interest in all their things will boost their self confidence and develop an unbreakable bonding between parents and children.

Be a less stressed person. Research shows happy parents are more likely to have happy kids. May be We should avoid bitter and harsh discussions in front of them. Regardless of hectic daily routines, a big smile on mother’s face, a hug, a kiss of her for her children can do magic. It creates a long lasting bonding and affection.

Praise your children. It is very import to appreciate and encourage your children for all the little things that they do to meet your expectations. Praise them for all their good deeds, humble behavior, any achievement in their lives and also make them to accept their failures as well. Give them a confidence that you are always there even in their bad times. Make them to learn life time lessons from their mistakes.

Love and care

Set high expectations for them and keep discuss these with them. It will make them ambitious and work hard even in their early ages. A famous saying is, “BEHIND THE CHILD THAT MAKES THE MOST PROGRESS, IS AN ACTIVELY INVOLVED PARENT”

Avoid bitter discussions with kids. Be patient and composed. Set rules and laws for them and be consistent for it. If you have to punish your child for any misbehave or misconduct, you can take back some privileges.

Parenting is quite challenging yet beautiful. While focusing and supporting the physical, social and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood, love and care should be the bonding element. As with only love and no repression, child can be raised as a good human being and a successful personality in career. Although at times, rising child can be very testing but patience and love can work miracles.

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