Top gift ideas for a Baby’s First Birthday

First Birthday of a child is a special celebration, which filled with love and precious moments.

Many parents pay attention to safety. It is important that the gift was according to age (without small parts), the plastic itself must be of good quality, shockproof. If the toy has batteries, you need to be sure that the protective cover is screwed tightly with a few screws and does not open without a screwdriver.

For a child’s first birthday, you can present a beautiful and necessary gift with a meaning.

Rocking horse

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As an option, you can buy a horse with sound effects, moving ears and tail to the beat of the clatter of hooves. A long-lasting toy that clip-clop and work for many years, and in the future it can be passed on to relatives.

Turn Inside Out Toys

These are unusual toys, 2 in 1. In order for the crocodile to turn into a bear, a dolphin into a walrus, an elephant into a tiger, etc., you need to make one quick movement. Turn out! The toys are very pleasant to the touch, light, but large enough – about 40 cm in length.

Interactive soft toys

These are cute toys that read fairy tales and sing songs. You have to download it from your smartphone, and can record voice messages from grandparents, moms and dads, brothers and sisters. It is controlled by long and short pressing of the paws; the sound volume is adjustable, usually enough for 4 hours of active use. Child will communicate with a cute-kitten-dog, this is a good learning for an independent game.

Push car

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With a push car, a one-year-old child can learn to walk! There are very interesting options in the form of animals.

Push car for the little princess

A wonderful gift! Kids love the high handle at the back, because they can hold onto it and walk confidently around the apartment or in the park.

Interactive table

Parents of one-year-olds greatly value interactive tables. These are multifunctional panels with squeakers, hammers and soft books, which are mounted on a table.

Music mat

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Another wonderful idea is a music mat. Not all children understand exactly what to do with it firstly, but time flies quickly. They begin with a carefull steps, holding on to mother’s hand. Then they grow bold, switch tunes, birdsongs with their little legs. Amazing!

Soft constructor

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Very forehanded gift for a one-year-old baby. The colored cubes from which it is so easy to build a house are completely safe and very beautifull. Even if the baby only will break the palaces built by the parents, the first constructor will develop mentality and coordination of the child.

Tunnels and Play Tents

Here’s another great idea for a modest amount of money. For kids it is interesting to crawl, hide and play with soft toys in them. Fun takes a lot of time, so parents can watch a movie or have a time for themselves:-).

Bath toys

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It is a safe pick. Children bathe for a long time with an interesting toys. Educational and fun devices for the bathroom with mechanisms, elevators, carousels and “mills” are a cool idea for kids.

Busy board

Educational board for children, which contains many different buttons, locks, heck, clothespins and other items that could interest the child attention. This board will help to develop thinking, logic, quickness, fine motor skills and perseverance.

I hope you liked the article and if you find a gift for a first Birthday of your child, share in the comments.

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