Clear Child Proof Electrical Protector Safety Caps

Discreet, Practical & Hassle-Free! Every Parent’s Dream Is Finally Available!
Looking for an easy and convenient way to childproof your home now that your toddler has started to crawl or walk?

The Clear Outlet Protecors by Jool Baby Products is the ideal way to prevent your child from placing dangerous objects in unused outlets and make sure that your little angel is safe and sound, even if you’re not in the same room all the time!

  • The best outlet plugs to keep children away from electric hazards, keeping babies safe.
  • Our outlet covers are ULTRA clear to blend in to your home while keeping your home a safer place
  • These outlet plugs are simple to install – simply insert the safety caps in the unused outlets, plug protector will fit firmly in outlet
  • Helps protect babies from placing dangerous objects in unused outlets, it’s a must for all parents. You can also use these covers as socket sealers to prevent cold drafts in the winter!
  • Exclusive Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee: If at any given point you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll offer you a prompt and full refund of our safety baby plugs
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