Electric Nail Trimmer

Failed to trim baby’s nails, you will be faced with problems such as:
Baby’s face is scratched;
Baby’s nails grow germs;
The nails grow into flesh;
Sticking baby’s hands in mittens will stunts their development.
Parents fear hurting baby’s tender skin when using hand file.

You definitely need this electric nail file! 
【Key Features】
✔ 10 grinding heads, work for baby of all ages and adults.
✔ One-Button Activation: simply operating.
✔ Two rotations: design for left and right hand.
✔ Two speeds: you can choose appropriate speed.
✔ LED Front Light: provide you a clear vision.
✔ Whisper Quiet: will not cause disturbance for baby.
✔ Replaceable grinding head: save your money.
✔ Eco-friendly material: CE, RoHS approved.
✔ AA battery operated: effective nail-trimming.
✔ Sand paper cushion: soft on baby’s cuticles and nail beds.
✔ Human engineering design: comfortable to grip in hand.
✔ Multipurpose kit: trim and polish fingernails and toenails.
✔ Compact and portable: easy to carry and store.
✔ Packed in a carry case: perfect baby shower gift.
✔ Satisfaction guarantee: 100% risk-free purchase.

【Operation instructions】
Before Use: Gently clip nails to a proper length.
1.Install 2 AA battery, close the cover.
2.Choose corresponding grinding head according to the age.
Connect the grinding head and the interface.
3.Push the button to the rotation and speed you need.
4.Gently trim nails until desired length is reached.

Battery is not included.
Take off the batteries if you won’t use it for a long time.
Store the nail file and accessories in the case.
Please keep away from reach of children.
Do not use the metal grinding head on an infant.

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